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My Coaching Blueprint

Designed to take a holistic 360° approach that explores the interplay of your mind, body and soul



(The Mind)

Leaning into the fear, uncovering the root of your trauma and facing up to your shadow.



(The Body)

Aligning actions with intentions, owning your worth and taking up the space you deserve


(The Soul) 

Getting tapped into your intuition, finding your voice and staying anchored in the present.


The women that reach out to me know they are meant for more, but struggle with deep insecurities, low self-esteem, low self-worth and a big disconnect with their body that manifests in overwhelm and insecurity around their appearance, achievement and ultimately their potential.


Do any of these feel familiar?

in the head, overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, insecure and fearful, distracted, based on the external, blocked, unsatisfied, overthinking, ruminating, negative self-talk


feeling broken, insecure, unworthy, constant state of comparison scarcity, unresourceful, hiding, unaligned, lost, inconsistent, spiritual disconnect


uneasy, stored trauma, pain, neglecting body, dissatisfaction, low energy, ignoring and restricting, unable to achieve goals, contracted, out of touch with self


... trust me, I  get it

My Skills

I offer a holistic approach that encompasses different areas that I have been trained in, blended with my degree and my life experience. This way I can be of best support and bring different techniques at different stages of our journey.

Vale Diagram.png

Performance coaching:

My experience and certified training in performance coaching and mental training has given me the privilege to work alongside widely known Professor Stefano Tirelli and equip me with being officially certified in his method of mental training and complementary sport techniques. I had the chance to work with professional peak performing athletes which has given me the skills and tools to equip you with cutting edge techniques to assist you in the area of performance and goal setting.


Personally, I also grew up in a environment surrounded by athletes so movement and sport have been at the forefront of my childhood. My father and aunt have been professional skiers in the national team.


Transformational life coaching:

I have undergone rigorous professional training in Transformative Coaching at the Animas Centre for Coaching in London, the UK’s leading coaching school recognized by the Association for Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.




I have studied the human mind academically achieving a Bsc. in Psychology with honours. I have also researched in the field of social comparison and wrote my thesis in my final year about the effects of comparison on social media. Throughout my academic degree I have worked in the department of rehabilitative cardiology in the field of psychotherapy assisting patients who had to overcome the fear and changes after recovering from severe heart conditions. This has enabled me to work very closely with MBSR techniques (mindfulness-based stress reduction) with patients rather than in a private setting. I have also worked for amazing brands, including BMW assisting in the development of projects that were responsible for improving the wellbeing of staff.

Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner (in training).



Life experience:

  • Anxiety disorder – I have been through various forms of therapy, I got off psychiatric medication and have been through a lot of hard work and meditation to live a normal life again (this taught me discipline, hard work, commitment, acceptance and the power of vulnerability).

  • Modelling professionally (coping with daily rejection, comparison, competition etc.)

  • Have not lived in a city longer than 1 and a half years since I have been 19, I have worked and lived in several countries (knowing what it means to find a home within, being flexible and overcoming challenges of change)

  • Learned the skills of manifestation at the age of 15 and took part in an expedition with known explorer in India (taught me discipline, stepping out of comfort zone and self-trust)

  • Left home at 16 (this taught me perseverance and self-sufficiency)

  • Investing in my personal development so I can be an outstanding coach and can continue to live an exceptional life ( I have a coach and a mentor) and lead by example!

  • Growing up in a multicultural family and environment, and living in several different countries has given me the opportunity to speak several languages fluently. Most importantly, I am now familiar with several different cultures, behaviours and life situations, this, in my mind, is an added value for my clients wherever they may reside.

" Want to know a secret?


Whether you've reached rockbottom or simply a stumbling block, your intuition has brought you here for a reason."

Each of my services are designed as powerful and transformative processes to guide you through the limiting beliefs, patterns and stories that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams.  My coaching offerings not only seeks to achieve results, reach goals and enhance performance, it also enables you to gain insight into who you truly are, dig deeper into what you truly want and gain greater sense of self-awareness and confidence along the way.


We'll work together to implement the actionable tasks that will guide you towards achieving the dream goals you have for yourself, and I'll be there to hold space, encourage and also to challenge you when it is needed, treating your growth with patience and respect, and empowering you to do the same for yourself with loving kindness.


I offer a holistic approach that encompasses different areas that I have been trained in, blended with my degree and my life experience. This way I can be of best support and bring different techniques at different stages of our journey..

Ways to Work with Me







A Journey designed to help you make real life-changing transformation in your life with total support and accountability at every step of the way. 

A Journey of deep growth and radical transformation inside a community of like-minded women dedicated to their own self-healing. 

A Program to curate a personalized and energizing morning routine that sets you up for success every single day.

Ways to work with me


  • What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
    Nice question! They both have similarities but they are actually quite different. They both help the client to get closer to their vision. However, the mentor has knowledge that he can pass to you, he has been there and already knows what can help you to get to your goal. The mentor tells you what to do from his previous knowledge to solve a situation. A coach instead, uses active listening and questioning to build awareness and self-confidence in a client, and you get to go deeper and discover and breakdown blockages. With coaching, there is no one size fits all approach every single individual is different and the client is pushed and challenged to reach their vision. My years of experience have taught me that a blended approach is highly effective. My diploma in peak performance mental training gives me the possibility to mentor my clients and give them tips on how to best perform and reach maximum success. My various diplomas in coaching give me the tools to facilitate deep and powerful transformations that act on conscious and subconscious level. I love being able to serve my clients on both ends.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    I am very flexible with payment plans, I honor individuals who are committed to their change and if that means having to pay via a payment plan then I am here for it! (*not sure if I worded this very well*)
  • Is this program doable if I am on a tight/busy schedule?
    I have worked with clients on very strict and busy schedules and they made it happen! It's a choice and a commitment. If you really crave and desire a change you will show up for yourself no matter how busy you are. You deserve it.
  • Do I need specific knowledge to take part in your programs?
    No, be yourself, stay open, stay curious and be hungry to learn and to change. All it needs is drive, desire and determination. The recipe for change :)

What People are Saying

"Working with Valentina has been life-changing - she truly lives up the name of transformational coach!


It has been having a friend, a supporter, the biggest cheerleader, a confidant and motivator all rolled up in one, tucked in your pocket for whenever you need her. Being able to contact Valentina between sessions has been incredibly beneficial for me because it meant I could update her on my breakthroughs, reach out when I needed support or her motivating words of wisdom before stepping out of my comfort zone, and celebrate my wins with her. She truly invests herself in your journey and it is clear to see how much she cares about her clients.


My confidence and self-belief has grown exponentially and that has changed every area of my life. My 6 months working with Valentina will forever be the 6 months that changed me and my life."





Lissie, Life Coach

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