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Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.



Are you Ready to EMBODY Her?

Get out of your box, detangle, untame and discover unshakeable confidence in the boldest version of you.

I want you confidently own your many layers, quit messing around with the boxes that you have placed yourself in and fiercely reconnect with who you are so that you can reach the next-level versions of success that you are so worthy of.

My one to one coaching is designed for us to take a holistic 360° approach that explores the interplay of your mind, body and soul - based on my coaching blueprint: Courage - Connection - Confidence

(Read more about my approach here)


Maybe this sounds familiar?

You feel stuck and stagnant; hiding, playing small and always opting for the safe option in every area of your life? You’ve been neglecting what your heart is truly craving and live from an outdated playbook of who you are and what you’re worthy of.  

You find yourself saying yes when you mean no, trapped in a loop of wanting to please others and making decisions from a place of never-ending worry? You’re afraid to speak your mind and stand up for what you believe in, and people are often walking all over you or disrespecting your boundaries.


You’ve been attracting the same toxic partners, patterns, and situations and somehow never manage to call in the opportunities you really want.


When it comes to your health, your relationship with your body is complex and gets easily muted. It’s an area you often neglect and treat with minimal respect and love, especially when you’re busy or overwhelmed. 


Even your wardrobe feels like it needs an overhaul, because you’ve lost touch with who you are and what you like, you hate everything you own, avoid wearing colour and feel you don’t have the confidence or freedom to wear what you want?

Let me guess, that hit a little close to home?


I get it, because I’ve been there too.

For many years I totally lost my spark.  I felt like a complete failure, stuck in a panic disorder and drowning in insecurity and inadequacy even though my desire and ambition ran deep within. My fears, blocks and old patterns were totally running the show and had me convinced that I’d never be enough. I worried that nobody would ever see the potential in me; that I would never have the dream job, partner, relationship, home, or the money to create the life that I craved.

Do you ever feel that way?

Like it seems so possible for others, but never for you?


I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible... but that you are so worthy of everything that you want and more!


And that in working with me, you will be able to step into the truth of this inherent worth and cultivate all of the good things that you desire... 

The purpose-driven life filled with spontaneous adventure,

limitless success and next-level money.

The incredible partner, amazing relationships, great sex,

soulful alignment and unconditional love.


The vibrant health, authentic sense of self and body confidence.


All of the dreams that seem so wildly out of reach… but aren’t!

On the other side of our sessions,
you’ll walk into a room as a

Built on an invincible foundation of confidence and certainty; you’ll feel grounded, energized, powerful and magnetic to all that you desire.

You’ll feel inspired and empowered, at ease in your own skin and aligned with who you are and the life you want to create for yourself.  You will be confident enough to ask for what you want and show up for your dreams, whilst being 100% yourself.


You will develop a deep foundation of unshakeable confidence that will make you a magnet for the life you want to design, and you’ll become an energetic match for what you have always desired. You will come closer to your higher-self than ever before and will be able to tap into a deep inner knowing of who you are and how to rely only on yourself for your own fulfillment. 


In addition to this new found sense of self-fulfilment and empowerment, you’ll develop a greater sense of connection with your body, which will become your compass and guide when navigating life and living by design. Making decisions like how to eat, who to spend time with, what to wear, how to workout… all become intuition-led and  allow you to strengthen the self-trust muscle.


You will notice that the way you talk to yourself begins to shift, as well as what you expect from others. Because this work truly has a ripple effect across every aspect of your life.


Oooooooh I smell unapologetic, grounded and FIERCE confidence over here!

Ready to LEVEL up?


I work with women who are READY to do the work to make change!


To dig deep, shed the layers and create powerful transformation in their life.

Whether you are already an ambitious, driven high-achiever ready for the next level of success but lacking the confidence and connection to self,  or you are someone who knows you are capable of so much more than your current reality but have lost your spark, my coaching is for you. 


In order to truly build unshakeable confidence and make a deep energetic shift to come home to your true uniqueness and potential we need to commit to our own journey of healing. This means stepping out of what we deem comfortable and focusing on recalibrating our energy, to a whole new level of existence!     


If you are holding yourself back in a loop of self-sabotage and self doubt, are consumed with fear and insecurity and are ready to take the leap and rise then you have come to the right place.             


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Meet Your Coach, Guide & Program Host...

Valentina Marzola

I’m a little different from the other coaches you might have seen. And I own that, proudly! Because I am done with being put in a box and I want you to be done too.

If you are looking for a coach that is passionate, empowering and unafraid to lovingly call you out on your bullshit when it’s necessary then you have come to the right place. 

If you are ready to dig deep (deeper than ever before), lift that heavy weight off your shoulders, and truly breakfree from the toxic patterns, behaviours and thoughts that have left you feeling like a shell of yourself, then my coaching is for you. 

My clients get results that are beyond life-changing, because our work is nothing short of an ENERGETIC OVERHAUL

Think of it like a house renovation.

This isn’t a fresh coat of paint and a couple of new throw pillows.

It’s ripping up of the carpet, knocking down the walls and rebuilding the entire framework so that it can be the perfect foundation for the Pinterest-worthy home of your dreams. 

It’s such powerful work, with client’s making MASSIVE courageous shifts and game-changing transformations, and goes so deep that these words don’t give it justice.


It’s way deeper than strategies for boosting confidence and ideas for how to upgrade your self-care game - it's a journey of cultivating awareness, deep learning, re-connecting to self, shedding layers of story, alchemizing trauma, self-healing and soothing, coming home to your temple and soul. And then following through with aligned action; the whole-being expansion of doing, creating, evolving,  taking up space and making decisions that are aligned with that powerful confident you!


What Clients Say

"Vale is such a beacon of light!


She really held space for me, could really draw out the answers I needed to come up with for myself and clearly has unwavering faith that her clients can reach their true empowerment .


She went above and beyond in our sessions to add value through her knowledge of what it means to be authentic and what health practices help reach a state of balance and peace."







1 to 1 sessions with me for a minimum of 4 months, where we take a holistic 360° approach that explores the interplay of your mind, body and soul - based on my signature coaching blueprint:

Courage - Connection - Confidence

(Read more about my approach here)


Next Steps

My 1:1 coaching is designed to hold and support you as you create unimaginable change in your life.

To ensure that we can create the most potent container of co-creation, respect and support, I only work with a select number of women at any one time, all of whom must be committed to working together for a minimum of 4 months.

These women are dedicated individuals who are fully devoted to this process of evolution, and the growth, expansion and success that is available on the other side of this energetic and financial investment. 

If you feel called to all of these words, then 1:1 coaching is made for YOU!


 A blend of deep transformative healing, that gives you nothing other than a complete energetic overhaul

As women, we exist as these incredible multi-faceted beings, and I have gone above and beyond to create a coaching approach that blends a wealth of techniques, methods and practices to create the most unparalleled transformation for your every dimension. My coaching draws from cognitive neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, manifestation, spirituality + breathwork to positive psychology meditation, embodiment techniques, trauma healing and peak performance and so much more to embolden and equip you with the tools to reach the depths of your potential.


I want you to rediscover the hope and wonder of the world, re-learning how to trust yourself and honour your needs and desires. I want you to own your uniqueness, tap back into your intuition, get curious about your many dimensions and unlock the infinite potential that exists when you fiercely and unapologetically claim your space in the world. The freest andd most badass version of you that exists. 


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