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Do you feel stressed?

Ruminating from one worry to the next?

Overwhelmed by your negative thoughts?



Worries and negative thoughts can be very draining as they are a big inhibitor of clarity. They clutter our brains with a lot of noise and often we don't even realize that they have been spiralling in our minds so long and have kept us blocked and stagnant. Worrying blocks stop you from taking action, if we don't normalize and manage our worrying thoughts they can easily take over our current reality and stop us from achieving our goals. 


This workbook will guide through simple steps and tasks to bring all of these thoughts to the surface and find clarity. 


Ready to wipe out your worries?


Signature Courses


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Curating an energizing
morning routine that sets you up for success every single day.

This unique program is for you, a badass multifaceted woman, if you are looking to wake up every day excited for what's to come and to start every day so strong that you feel ready for any challenge. You will learn to curate a morning routine that doesn't feel overwhelming. Imagine... 
... embracing the feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning!
... feeling refreshed, energized and proud of yourself every day!

  • Connect to what you and your body need? 

  • Create a PERSONALIZED morning routine?

  • Set up every day to be successful and soulful?


A 3-day Masterclass Series: Learn to be in tune with your body, tap into your inner wisdom and manage your energy levels


Are you ready to:

  • Align with your Natural Rhythm?

  • Awaken your Intuition?

  • Reconnect to your Feminine?

  • Elevate your Energy?

What's included: 3x Masterclass + Morning Routine Blueprint

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Learn to follow your intuition and natural rhythms even in a busy high stress day-to-day 

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Vale's Favourites

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"These have really changed the game for me and transformed my quality of sleep and my health! If anyone is interested in optimising their health and overall wellbeing they should invest in a pair of blue blocking glasses like these. These glasses block 100% of all blue and green light. They trick your body into thinking that it's pitch black so that the light of your devices doesn't block your melatonin production"

"I absolutely love everything about this brand! Reishi is a staple for me and a regular addition to my morning decaf coffee. I love that this brand is ethical and the reishi is traditionally grown and dual extracted which ensures it's effectivness and potency. I also love that they support the Kayapo Indians on their quest to protect the rainforest of deforestation due to cattle ranching, illegal mining and logging."

"I've tried so many coffee brands but this is a winner when it comes to taste and all the other benefits :) I love that it's decaffeinated by the swiss water method which means it is processed without chemicals. This means it's environmentally friendly and 99.9% caffeine free, as well as fairtrade and organic."

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"A high quality deeply nourishing and rich cream that is certified natural and organic. It does magic when it comes to very dry or rough skin and I love the smell! This one is the thick version for dry skin so it's an essential on flights. I use it for hands and body"

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"The light version of Skin Food - great for all round skin care but I use it for my body, I love when I find good creams that I enjoy using that are also free of harsh chemicals and deeply moisturizing"

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