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Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.


Reclaim Your Power

Align with your Natural Rhythm

Awaken your Intuition

 Reconnect to your Feminine

Elevate your Energy

Do you feel like you're falling short every single day?


Struggling to wake up in the morning while others smash their goals and strive towards living their "best life"?


Anxious that you're not where you're supposed to be and trapped in a constant cycle of compare-and-despair?

Tired and disconnected from yourself? Overwhelmed by the smallest decisions?

Depleted and exhausted yet also feeling like you never stop?


I get it.... because it's been my reality!


I spent years focusing on the external, completely neglecting the signs of my body and the voice of my intuition.


I was stuck in a rut, living in my head and wasting all of my precious energy planning how to be more productive vs actually taking action. I suffered with chronic anxiety and panic disorders, and hooked on a loop of crash diets and negative self-talk. Endless thought patterns kept me feeling small and incapable, and I was stuck in the false safety of procrastion, hesitant to make any real change and doubting my ability to ever reach a life I enjoyed.


I saw other people smashing their goals and routines, nailing the perfect work/life balance with the perfectly filtered highlight reel to prove it, and I couldn't understand where I was going wrong?! I felt incapable of ever following through, perpetually depleted and exhausted by never being able to keep any consistent habits or create lasting change. All of which only led me to feel more unworthy when I couldn’t keep up with the endless list of things I “should” be doing and the expectations I felt were placed upon me.


And the worst was that this whole cycle made me chase that external fulfilment more. I never felt good enough, was pushing myself even when my tank was completely empty and couldn't trust that I would be able to live a happy life - which only caused me to distrust and disconnect from myself more.



This is why I created… RECLAIM YOUR POWER

Learn to be in tune with your body, tap into your inner wisdom and manage your energy levels

Session Notes

Why Now?

It's undeniable that we're living in unprecedented times. A moment in history where we have all experienced some level of fear, anxiety and uncertainty about what lies ahead. And within that, women are realising that they have been living on autopilot, in the old PUSH PUSH PUSH GO GO GO mentality and disconnected from their intuition and true desires.


While lockdown may be over, we are struggling to go back to our "old routines", stuck in the stress of this collective unsettlement, and wondering why we can't keep up with our commitments, workouts or "self-care" routines. The overwhelm is still very present as more and more people start to realize that they have been called to move through life differently and that their old life is no longer compatible with how they feel inside.

It’s time to change this! It's time to align with the next version of yourself. So that you can begin to build the foundation of energy, confidence and self-belief required to live as this next level self. And I have the missing piece for you!


Join me on three extraordinary masterclasses in my new 3 part training series RECLAIM YOUR POWER.

3 Masterclasses  |  3 Pillars

Allow yourself to enter into a journey of self-discovery; opening up to your energetic body, building a deep connection with your intuition and aligning your entire life with the needs of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Join me on this profound inner journey to get to know what works for you on a deeper level. Discover how to find the perfect energizing rituals, routines and self-care practices for YOU, not because an influencer "swears by it" but because you KNOW that it is serving you. 


Connecting To Your Intuition


Shifting from the external to the internal 

Aligning With Your Cycles


Living in tune to our biological rythms



Integrating Your Lifestyle


Crafting a Morning Routing to energize and align


What's Included

#1 Connecting to your Intuition

In this 90 minute masterclass, we'll dive deep into what it means to be “tuned-in” and how we can learn to unlearn the override we have for this inner GPS system. We'll start to build trust in this inner knowing and welcome how this true voice speaks to us loud and clear. We have so many answers within us, and this class is about discovering how to trust in ourselves and strengthen the listening reflex. We'll also dive deep into how to move away from our head and tap into our hearts


WINS – learn how to be more certain, be more present and aware, understand what is good for you.


#2 Living in tune to our biological rythyms

In this 90 minute masterclass, we'll be discussing two main biological rhythms and how to synchronise with them and start to harness our biological superpowers. This again, is another step towards a deeper connection with ourselves, moving away from the head and into the body. Tapping into these resources is going to help you ditch that inner mean girl that keeps telling you that you are never doing enough and begin to work with the abundance of energy we naturally have!

#3 Lifestyle Integration & Craft your soul expansive Morning Routine

This final training is all about INTEGRATION, because this is what really makes the difference - how we apply what we have learnt. The focus is on how to live from this place of a deeper connection with your intuition, your energetic body, and your biology, so that you can start to live every day with more clarity, vitality and energy. You will learn how to curate a bespoke morning routine that works for you and your body. One that feels manageable and free from overwhelm, giving you all of the building blocks for a successful and soulful day ahead. 

Topics we'll be covering

  • How to connect to your intuition + reclaim self-trust

  • The difference between energy management and time management

  • Cultivating an intuitive and mindful life

  • How to build a soul-expansive morning routine

  • What is cyclical living and how to work with your natural cycles

  • How we can balance our feminine and masculine energy

  • How to understand ALL of our biological rhythms

  • What it means to be in alignment with your energy?

  • How to find authentic self-care?

How to get involved:

On the day that you decide to start the training, all you need to bring is yourself and your hunger to learn how to tap into a more connected, certain, confident and energized part of you. 

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