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Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

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The Grand Reset & Recalibration

Clear your Mind

Detox from Social Media

Shift your Energy

 Reconnect to your Creativity

Come Back Reborn and Ready to Kick Ass

A 10 day program for coaches, entrepreneurs & content creators in need of a RESET




Are you a coach, entrepreneur or content creator? 

Do you love your job, but feel a little run-down lately? 

Are you struggling to think of authentic, creative content for your social media?

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling and watching other coaches smash it and hardly manage to come up with a good caption? 

Are you stuck, tired and feeling uninspired when it comes to showing up in your day to day and for your biz?


Are you experiencing a lack of excitement and energy for your tasks? 

Is time just slipping through your fingers, but you feel like you're not really moving forward? 

Do you feel like you are doing a lot, but not doing enough?


Are you finding it difficult to stay on top of all the tasks that are in front of you? 


Are you feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed? 

Do you miss the beautiful flow of creativity? 

Are you scrolling social media and other people's content for inspiration, only to find yourself even more drained? 

Do the words stuck, numbstagnant, tireduninspired, and confused resonate with you? 

Session Notes


I feel you. I've been there. Even just a couple of months ago.

In biz we ALL hit a mental and energetic roadblock

along the way and lose motivation. 

It's normal. It happens every now and then.


And it doesn't mean you've lost your purpose

or that you're not good at what you do.


It just means that there is something within you

itching for a change.



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It's time to end

the cycle of burnout

and replace it

with a new wave of



To get back your clarity, focus and creativity when you have been feeling uninspired and stuck, you have to be able to switch off the noise and reconnect with YOU and your own unique way of showing up. 

During my own grand reset and 8 day social media break, I amplified my inner guidance system, sat with my emotions, and nourished my body to fuel the focus and motivation I needed to sustain my upgrade. I took a break from the over consumption of information that was frying my brain. I let my mind, my body and my soul recharge in the present moment. I shifted my energy and created the space for the creativity and focus to flow back in. 

Yes, it took effort, but it felt amazing! And as a result I was able to be more focused and disciplined, yet more free and flowy than ever before. I used to be scared of discipline, thinking that it will restrict me, but discipline is actually key to freedom, flow and expansion (you will learn more about this in the calls). 

I feel like I am in control of my time again and able to hit my next goals and dreams.

And now I would like to teach YOU the tools needed to recharge, recalibrate your nervous system, to break out of your funk and get back on track! 

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What We'llBe Covering

⤷ Breaking the doing cycle and learning about the interplay between being and doing 
⤷ Calming down the nervous system
⤷ Learning about dopamine addiction and other effects of social media
⤷ Setting boundaries for a healthy relationship with social media (yes, even when it's part of your business) 
⤷ Building new habits and organisational skills for a sustainable work-life balance
⤷ Harnessing the power of your energy and learning to focus it into achieving your goals
⤷ Setting intentions for your short term and long term future 
⤷ Moving control away from your head and to your heart
⤷ Learning to get shit done efficiently 
⤷ Decluttering of the space and mind
⤷ Working on the mindset
⤷ Removing energetic blocks to allow for a free flow of ideas and a newfound creativity 
⤷ Accessing your creative channels through your own body and WISDOM
⤷ Building a healthy relationship between discipline and freedom
⤷ Crafting boundaries that support your next level in a sustainable way
⤷ Learning about the relationship between consumption and creation 
⤷ Planning the next steps and learning about the importance of clarity, realignment and repositioning

10 Days / 3 Phases

In these 10 days, allow yourself to enter into a journey of transformation - opening up to the inspiration within, building up an improved approach to your work, your creation, your productivity and realigning to your authentic self. Join me on this intense and incredibly rewarding reset and learn the tools and practices that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Find the perfect energizing rituals, routines and self-care practices for YOU, not because an influencer "swears by it" but because you will KNOW that it is serving you. 

I will be following you each step of the way during your 10 day reset, on top of that every 3 days you will have a RECHARGE CALL with me, where I cover the 3 distinct phases that you will be going through to make this reset effective and truly powerful. I went through these 3 phases myself and I literally came up with this program and many more that I want to launch in 2022 during my time ''off" because it has been so powerful to reset.



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Building a healthy relationship between discipline and freedom so you can find the fire within. Removing your creativity blocks by opening up your energetic channels and allowing your own wisdom to shine through.

Downregulating your nervous system and recalibrating your mind, body & soul to new levels of calm and surrender. Grounding, prepping and breaking the cycle. 


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Repositioning yourself, your biz and your brand with a clear, fresh and aligned energy, bringing your ideas to life with the new set of boundaries, skills and productivity tools you have learned. 

P. S -The program IS suitable for you even if for the duration of these 10 days you have work to do, clients to serve and content to create. 

ARE YOU READY TO BREAK OUT OF THE FUNK AND GET Back On Track better than ever before?

What's Included

◈ A WELCOME PACK full of recommendations and my own personal tips

◈ 3 LIVE recharge calls with me to guide you through your reset and recalibration


BREATHWORK exercises to ground and centre yourself

◈ MEDITATIONS created specifically for this program

◈ PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS and other resources to help you         stay on track and create success without overwhelm in your biz in the long-term 

◈ LIFETIME ACCESS to all the resources from the program 

in combination with 

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Morning Routine 

Curating an energizing morning routine that works for YOU and YOUR BODY

The Grand Reset & Recalibration and my signature Morning Routine Blueprint are standalone programs, however they are so incredibly connected and work best in combination. This is your chance to take part in both and reap the benefits of LIVE sessions! Trust me you want to start your days right when you are taking a next-level RESET for you and your biz!

Many of us need a reset this autumn, so the question is, are YOU ready to recalibrate yourself into
the badass and high energy woman that you can be?

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