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Image by David Billings


Breakthrough Moment?

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."


- Michelangelo

Whether you are feeling like there is something blocking you but you are not able to uncover what it is, need a push to design a routine to set you up for success, or are looking to shift your mindset back into alignment with some deep inner work. This session is for you.

Together we'll reflect on what's going on for you, where you're feeling blocked and restricted, and make a roadmap for your own transformation. During the session I'll hold space for you to create the next stage of your road to confidence, helping you to identify where you are holding yourself back and what is in the way of your transformation and success. We will uncover limiting beliefs, find clarity around a specific problem, and create an action plan of steps that you can follow to set in motion your own transformation. 


Clarity is power here. As without it, you will not know where you are heading. These 90 minutes will be your compass to get you towards your dream vision. 

Get ready for 90 beautiful deep minutes of pure breakthroughs and big mindset shifts with an entire plan to pave your way towards success. 



“ When you decide what’s most important to you, your brain goes after it. You have to know the reason “why” you want something and also have enough “drive” to make it happen. If your “why” isn’t big enough you will never make it happen.”

- Tony Robbins

  • This session will help you find that deeper meaning so that you can finally get to this DRIVE. To put you on the path that is fully aligned with who you want to be and with the highest version of you. Putting you on the path to reach your full potential.

  • The action steps you will need to move towards your vision

  • Find clarity in a situation of overwhelm

  • Identify the limiting beliefs or negative thought processes that are holding you back from achieving your goals and true purpose

  • Get crystal clear on your dreams and vision

  • Kickstart your journey towards a more balanced and confident life

  • This way you can finally get what you want out of life, find the piece you feel like you’re missing, stop holding yourself back from living your best life and knowing what you want and how to get it so you can kickstart living the existence you dream of.

  • ​​


The Breakthrough Session


  • You have an overall vision for where you're headed but are struggling to find clarity in a specific area of your life 


  • You're in a good head space but need a little motivation to get the ball rolling


  • You don't need full accountability but rather help formulating the strategy that will help you to reach your goals


  • You're not ready to commit to a 3 months journey just yet but want to acknowledge where you're currently being blocked by limiting beliefs

Image by David Billings


Breakthrough Moment?

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