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Meet Valentina



Hey beautiful, I'm Vale..

a transformative empowerment coach and mindset mentor, helping women who are stuck, insecure and tired of playing small to find the courage and confidence to live with abundance and purpose. A powerful and fulfilling life where they are in control of their reality and where they can confidently and unapologetically be themselves and go after their wildest dreams.


I firmly believe that we as women were not put on this earth to be one dimensional. We are each multi-faceted beings – who flourish in the complexity of our individuality. Our uniqueness is one of our greatest superpowers, which we need to learn to harness instead of trying to fit into a mould that doesn’t belong to us. My mission is to facilitate deep transformation in women - radical change that empowers them to shine brightly and take up the space that they deserve, owning all of the pieces of themselves, sharing their message with the world and inspiring them to tap into greater levels of abundance, health, wealth, success and freedom.


I've now arrived at a point where I'm in love with my own reality but it's taken an immense amount of inner work to get here. And now, I'm so grateful to be living in alignment with my values, confident inside of a healthy body, tapped into my intuition, committed to work that feels deeply fulfilling and on my own terms, and in a beautiful soulful relationship with a partner that is accepting, respectful and supportive of all that I do.


I can finally say that I am 100% unapologetically myself, blessed to be uniquely me, and the most rewarding piece is that I get to support so many incredible women on the journey of own transformation.

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My Story


Before I manifested my dream life, I was in a totally different space and I can assure you that it wasn’t smooth sailing or calm seas that brought me to this moment.


Let's Rewind...


Growing up, I had a picturesque childhood living between the mountains and seaside of Italy. A funny and talented child, known as ‘Miss Sunshine’, always striving to achieve her best in everything and dreaming big! However, this carried after moving abroad to study, I found myself in an incredibly competitive environment, falling into a dangerous trap of self-destruction and comparison. This was the beginning of a dark chapter for me as I watched my once huge and inspirational dreams begin to disintegrate along with my self-esteem and self-worth.


On paper I had it all, I was a smart creative young woman who spoke 4 languages fluently, but underneath I was crumbling under the pressure of feeling like I had to prove myself. It began with academic achievements but quickly manifested in unhealthy mental patterns around my body as I chased weight loss and the idea of a ‘perfect body’ in order to feel enough. 


Looking back I can see that I was constantly striving for perfection, hungry to be validated by others, and placing all my worth in other people’s hands. I craved success at all costs, however, was completely unaware that my drive came from a need to be seen,  heard and valued. I was chasing the pat on the back of recognition that I felt I needed, and in order to do that, I based my whole life on the external, forgetting my needs, desires, and disconnecting from my physical body.


This pressure followed me into adult life, where I began to experience panic attacks and crippling anxiety which snowballed into a full-blown panic disorder. I lived in a constant state of fear, unable to leave the house without feeling sick, scared and alone. I dreaded waking up every morning and even the smallest daily tasks would trigger another attack. And then I finally hit rock bottom - in an emotionally abusive relationship, having constant panic attacks, whilst in deeply grieving the loss of a loved one.  I ended up in the emergency room with intense chest pains (a result of my psychological state), convinced that I was having a heart attack.


When I look back, I can see that my crippling self-esteem, poor body image and toxic relationship were a reflection of living a life in constant deep fear. A life where my whole value was placed into other people’s approval and where I had no connection to my true power or my innate potential. I was never listening to what my body, mind or soul were telling me, my life was solely focused on external recognition and my lack of control left me feeling stuck, lonely, hopeless and helpless.


Despite the difficulty, I'm forever blessed for this chapter in my life because it brought me to where I am today. I moved back home to Italy, prioritising my healing above all else.  It took a lot of inner work to break out of the loop of fear I was stuck on and recondition the relationship I had with myself, but I finally started to heal and explore what it meant to really truly live again. 


Once I changed my beliefs and mindset – I changed my life.  I started to invest in myself; asking for support from professionals, starting to meditate, listening to my body and breaking up with binge eating. I began to discover who I was in order to align myself with my goals and aspirations and tap into my intuition.  I went from feeling sad, scared and broken to modelling, travelling the world, dating, working out and making amazing and deep connections. I got my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honours while continuing to work on myself, and I'm now trained in transformational life coaching and performance coaching as well. 


My experiences taught me so much about the power of the mind and I knew in my core that it was my personal mission to help people feel worthy again. I truly believe that my path has shaped me into the most compassionate and impactful coach that I can be. My challenges have been gifts, equipping me with the knowledge and experience to help other women who are crippled by fear, anxiety and toxic patterns of behaviour. It is my greatest pleasure to support clients as they break through their blocks and create the life of their dreams – free from expectations, judgment and comparison.


Want to Know More?

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