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14 - How to find a home away from home: Life on the move

Moving to a new home this month, Valentina decided to share with us the secrets of finding that sense of safety and stability that we need to feel at home when we are moving.

If you are thinking of relocating, if you don’t feel at home where you currently live, or if you simply can never sit still, this episode can be your guide. Having lived in cities such as Ljubljana, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, and Brighton (just to name a few), Valentina has learned how to create a home wherever she finds herself.

It can be very hard to leave your friends, family and routines behind, but if you manage to stay positive and grounded, you will be able to build a community and a home wherever you end up. It’s not the place, but your state of mind that makes the difference. As they say, home is where the heart is.

Listen up to learn about how to find a home away from home from someone that has truly mastered the art of relocation.


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