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Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.


 She Glows 4-Month Group Program


The go-to program that gives you the tools that you need to light up and step into a new and confident version of yourself in only 4 months.

Join a group of likeminded women who will cheer you on and grow alongside you on your journey to ascension. Become part of a sisterhood, a hype squad if you will, that is there with you every step of the way, holding you accountable and wanting to see you rise, showing you that a supportive circle can be the greatest gift. 


This is why I created this program. Because YOU, yes YOU, can absolutely have this confidence too, and no, you won’t be the unfortunate exception! You can step out of this stifling container and become exactly the woman you always wanted to be. And not because she faked it till she made it, but because YOU believe in her. Because you know who she is and you know what she is capable of. You know her. You know her mind, body and soul so deeply that you live and breathe her everyday. You are so damn authentically her. Because she is YOU! 

It's all about you!

You are able to lean back and trust your own capabilities and potential, no matter what you are facing. You are able to build a close, intimate, loving relationship with yourself and then are able to share this love with others. You are able to create a life of your dreams, a life you are proud of, a life that you are excited to wake up to every single morning! I mean, how invaluable is that? 

Now let's imagine...

Allow me to let you in on a little secret - CONFIDENCE is not something you are born with or something that is only available to those lucky few who are fearless and bold by nature. Yes, some can be naturally more outgoing, and we can have certain personality traits that help with the build-up of confidence, but this does not determine who will be confident. Because CONFIDENCE IS A MUSCLE. And what you need to know is how to train it, you need to know how to access it and actually do the work that is required of you to harness it. Just like a muscle, the more you train it, the more it grows and the easier it gets for you to do the work. You need to build your confidence as the foundation for who you truly are. 

Let's talk about confidence...


This is for you if you are...

fed up of not being your authentic self.


sick of playing small and placing everybody else on a pedestal



done feeling worthless, while everyone around you smashes their goals. 


tired of fearing what others think of you. 


no longer wanting to make decisions that do not serve you or help you to thrive. 


ready to work through the patterns and conditioning that have kept you small, insecure and afraid. 

If you are finally ready to...

connect with yourself on a deeper level, learning how to always trust your inner knowing 

learn how to love yourself, so that you can bring more light, authenticity and good into your life. 


truly find your CONFIDENCE!


This program will allow you to unleash your true and authentic self, to shed the layers of insecurity and external expectations and to harness the full power of your uniqueness and potential. 

Allow yourself to step into your most radiant and confident self!

Meet the Modules


Tuning into ourselves and looking inwards to understand what belief systems we have in place and how they came to be. Through introspection we take an honest look at our reality.

- Mastering our past: Learning to alchemize past pain into fuel to create change and refine our belief systems. Through shadow work and mindset mastery, we'll determine the meaning of our past and make peace with fear.




Focusing on authenticity and aligning ourselves with our values. We free ourselves and build confidence through identity work and discovering what it means to be a multifaceted woman. 

-Dealing with our inner critic and taking a look at how language and the way we talk to ourselves affects us. It is all about our inherent self worth and getting a taste of what it means to dream big. 



Focusing on body confidence, body freedom, and body neutrality. By practicing self-love and intuition and by exiting the matrix of scarcity and perfectionism, we shift our focus to feeling. 


- Connecting to your intuition - tapping into the wisdom of your body.

- Embracing the fact that as women we are cyclical beings and there are moments to push, and moments to pull back and trust. Learning about yin and yang energy and the duality of the world to find the perfect balance. By trusting we are worthy simply by being in the now, we welcome pleasure, play, fun and ease.


Creating the reality that we desire by forming a clear narrative and by setting the right kind of boundaries. By formulating a clear vision of what we want, we learn how to protect our space and our energy, our most valuable asset. 

-Saying a big FUCK YOU to everything holding us back. By embodying our higher selves, we move beyond the fear that is holding us back and unapologetically take action and own our space. 

- Getting into the spiritual - it is all about manifestation, law of attraction and law of action. By becoming magnets for the life we want to create and through the power of visualization, we co-create with the universe our dream reality.



What's Included

 What you get 

  • 8 x 90 minute group calls for powerful live coaching within a safe space

  • A private WhatsApp support group chat with your group and your coach Valentina

  • A group of likeminded women and lifelong friendships

  • Resources that support you on your journey - Breathwork + Meditation 

More info coming soon!


Meet Your Coach, Guide & Program Host...

Valentina Marzola

Valentina Marzola is a transformational empowerment coach and mindset mentor who empowers women to harness their full potential to live a powerful and abundant life.


Since 2014, Valentina has been obsessed with learning about how to fully understand the human mind, which has seen her undertake 4 diplomas and a degree in psychology. All of Valentina's experience and learnings paved the way for her to facilitate deep transformational sessions with her clients, teaching them of the power of their subconscious, and how they can rewire their brains and their conscious mind to a mindset that will give them the confidence and energy to be the best version of themselves.


Valentina's passion for coaching is inspirational, and her unique coaching method, Courage - Connection - Confidence ensures her clients find that deep connection to fully understand themselves



Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email with all of the information for your next steps and 

you will get access to your own group coaching portal.


"Vale is such a beacon of light!


She really held space for me, could really draw out the answers I needed to come up with for myself and clearly has unwavering faith that her clients can reach their true empowerment .


She went above and beyond in our sessions to add value through her knowledge of what it means to be authentic and what health practices help reach a state of balance and peace."






What Clients Say

"Working with Vale was incredible.


I had never worked with a coach before and so was unsure what to expect. Valentina is such an incredible soul - putting you at ease, gently getting you to find solutions and guiding you on your journey. She is passionate, knowledgeable and a genuinely lovely human being. 


Every time I left our calls I felt enthusiastic and reinvigorated. She helped set goals, work through challenges as they arose and be a source of comfort and support. 


Cannot recommend working with Vale enough!"





"During my time working with Valentina, she really listened to what I had to say and was always able to share her knowledge and give wonderful words of advice in an impartial and non-judgmental way.


I felt driven towards my goals when working with Valentina and she empowered me to be the best version of myself. Equally, Valentina understood when I was struggling or felt energetically low and was able to be there with her kind words, understanding and support. Valentina knew when I needed to be pushed and when to take the pressure off. Her holistic approach was evident throughout our work together and I really valued this. I should also say that stepping out of my comfort zone didn’t feel as scary with Valentina there.


If you want a magical transformation, Valentina is your woman!


She has clearly invested in herself and her personal growth over the years and is a

true inspiration to all of us!"





"Honestly Valentina without you this would not have been possible.

Your energy and knowledge and encouragement just helped me reassure myself that there is space in the market for me and my niche. You helped me become unapologetically myself and no longer feel like I have to change anything to match a certain persona. I know I will be an amazing coach and cannot wait to welcome my first clients and guide them through their struggles and help them achieve their goals. 


You are just a ray of sunshine doesn't matter what mood I was in, I knew that after our calls I will be uplifted and so much more productive. You definitely encouraged me to get rid of those barriers and get rid of all my self-doubt and just become my best self... I have learnt a lot about coaching but I have changed a lot personally...


I have clarity, confidence and knowledge behind meto become a coach and have worked so much on myself personally too. I am reading self-development books, I meditate daily, I believe there's so much more for me out there so much opportunity and I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes - seriously without the group calls I know I wouldn't have achieved any of these milestones and breakthroughs... so so so glad I did!






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