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Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.

Awaken your Intuition. Align your Energy.


2nd Round 

1st September 2021

in the boldest version of you?


unshakeable confidence

Get out of your box, detangle, untame and
discover unshakeable confidence in the boldest version of you.

Supporting you to find you, be you and do you to achieve immeasurable levels of success and fulfilment made YOUR OWN WAY!

Are you ready to walk away from feeling worthless, insecure and confused with who you truly are and afraid of fully being yourself?

Do you feel the deep inner calling to finally stand out and step into your most radiant, bold, confident and authentic self?


THIS 60 MINUTE WORKSHOP will help you uncover what is stopping you from stepping into your brave, bold badass self and open your eyes to what is required to build a foundation of deep unshakeable confidence – the kind that emanates  all parts of you and exudes from your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body!


Whether you are someone who is stuck in a vicious cycle of insecurity, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, constant comparison, or you want to finally stand out, take up space, be yourself and become a magnet for your dreams and desires and reach immeasurable levels of success (YOUR OWN FUCKING WAY) or if you are in need of a reminder of how to become your most confident self, this is for you.


Yes, it’s your birthright to feel good and to want the best for yourself, you deserve to thrive, feel accomplished, fulfil your needs and honour all of your desires.

You CAN escape the self-destructive negativity loops, the constant comparison, the fear of judgement and the doubt and insecurities. It’s possible for you too! I have gone through it all personally  too and this is why I created my  multi-layered approach and four pillar unshakeable confidence strategy that will help you step into the highest, most badass version of you that exists. 


I want you to know that you can finally find your way back within yourself, even after losing your way.

I want you to connect back into your essence, learn to re-trust yourself, honour your needs and desires, and own your uniqueness.

I want you to tap back into that intuition, dig deep into your many layers and unlock your potential and fiercely stand up as YOU. 

Your deep foundation of confidence can enable you to go after your wildest dreams,  attract the dream relationship, succeed in the career of you always desired, build soulful friendships, make money doing what you love, build wealth, create a lifestyle deisgned for you by you and so much more. This is because when I say “deep unshakeable foundation of confidence”, I don’t mean a couple of strategies that you should follow. I actually mean doing deep internal work to create a foundation of self-respect, love, trust, compassion,  resilience and strength that enables you to create a life beautifully aligned to your core essence and desires! It’s time to work WITH your innate power rather than against it – let’s tap into the world of infinite possibilities together!

All you need to do is sign-up and show up!

You got this babe, I am right there with you!

Make confidence your choice today!

This is for you if...

If you feel like you get lost in what society tells you to look like, act, feel that you don’t know what you like 

You find yourself worrying about being perfect all the time

You feel like there is something greater out there for you but you cannot seem to trust yourself

You are afraid to speak up, share your message, express your desires, wear whatever you fucking want etc.

You are unable to take decisions and always seem to put everyone else first before yourself

You are craving sovereignty over your  own being and the freedom of expression but you just can’t seem to get there

You feel ashamed for being TOO MUCH and afraid to be judged or hurt others

You feel like everyone is always so put together, with everything figured out while you feel like you're moving backwards

You lack confidence in showing up however you want to 

You feel disconnected from who you are, what you desire and where you want to be

You are always fighting the voice of your intuition 

Fear riddles you and cripples you from doing what you love

You are afraid of taking moves incase it is the wrong one

Scared of what people say and it sways you off track 

You so deeply want to be bold and confident but are scared of what might happen 

You want to truly own the badass, manifester you know you can be 


Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Valentina, the confidence coach and energetic makeover mentor helping you transform your life by being bold enough to be YOU. 

My mission as a healer, coach and mentor is to support you to boldly, bravely, fiercely and unapologetically show up as your most magnetic self feeling so damn confident to go get that life you know you are capable of achieving. Through all of my work, It is my deepest desire to take you from a place of feeling stuck, disconnected and stagnant, where you feel crippled, lost and uncertain of who you are and what your place is in this world, to taking back your power, tapping back into that intuitive, feminine energy you have, regaining your spark, igniting your glow and finding a deep sense of respect for yourself as the successful, high-achieving woman that you know you can be.

Picture this...

You walk in a room and people are magnetised to you energy.

You love yourself unconditionally. You feel confident in your body.


You strive for greatness every single day because you trust that you will make your dreams a reality one way or another. You take decisions from a place of coherence between mind and heart. You have so much self-respect that you have a beautiful and healthy relationship with setting boundaries and communicating what works for you and what doesn’t.

You are surrounded by people who love you for who you truly are at your core. You don’t feel the need to change anything about yourself when getting to know people because you have such a strong sense of self-belief. 

You respect yourself and your body deeply and you work on becoming the best version of you everyday. You confidently make choices that serve you and are aligned to both your heart and your mind. 


You know exactly what makes you feel good and you are in integrity with it.

In this workshop, I will show you

Why you are staying stuck in the cycle of low confidence 

The trap you have got caught in that is stopping you from showing up as your most confident self 

The common mistakes most people make when it comes to building confidence. My multi-layered approach and four pillar unshakeable confidence strategy that will help you GLOW up and step into your most magnetic, attractive AF state.


It’s time to STOP hiding and STEP OUT, take up space, be seen and CLAIM your badass glowy self! 


It’s time for an energetical, spiritual, mental and physical GLOW UP!


Let me show you the way and let’s walk the road to empowerment together!

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